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Sports Drinks without Exercise? Choose Healthy Drinking Water Instead

A recently published study about young people and sports drinks further clarifies the implication of drinking these energy beverages by the young, many of whom are not into any exercise regimen. Sports drinks, intended to replenish the salt and sugars that athletes shed during intense workouts, may actually work contrary to non-active young people who have taken to downing sports drinks in amounts apparently reserved only for active athletes. Patricia Waldron of Philly.com reports:
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Taking Advantage of Clean and Pure Bottled Water Delivery in Myrtle Beach

Take advantage of clean and pure bottled water delivery in Myrtle Beach today, the wjbf.com website has a news report dated January 10, 2014 that details how thousands of South Carolina citizens are being plagued by smelly drinking water. Water as a drink is one of the most essential substances the body needs to sustain itself. However, affected households couldn’t bear to drink their befouled tap water, which the article notes was caused by algae growth:
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