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An article on the Shape website dated January 8, 2014 explains how the mere act of drinking water can help people stay fit and look great. Humans need a lot of water to sustain themselves, yet there’s more to the precious liquid than just staving off thirst and dehydration. The article mentions a number of health benefits linked to drinking water, including:

Hydrated Helps

1. Support skin: Forget expensive creams and treatments; drinking water is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin looking young and glowing all year long.

. . .

2. Suppress appetite: Drinking a glass of water before meals helps you eat less since thirst is often mistaken for hunger. In fact, studies have found that folks who stay on top of their water intake actually consume fewer calories.

. . .

3. Keep belly bloat in check: Staying away from salty foods and dairy certainly helps, but one of the best ways to make sure you don’t retain water is to drink plenty of water.

. . .

4. Boost metabolism: We know that drinking more water helps you before, after, and during your workout, and it may actually help you burn more calories!

Although water might be unassuming and simple as a drink, it’s the healthiest thirst-quencher anyone can imbibe. There are numerous benefits to drinking water, and folks would do well to maintain their constant consumption of water for a healthy diet. Those skeptical about drinking from taps can opt to have a convenient drinking water delivery in Myrtle Beach bring purified supplies over to their homes.

Water is healthy for the body in a number of ways, aside from the benefits listed above. For one, the liquid is a healthy substitute to unhealthy drinks such as sodas. A daily intake of water also helps protect and preserve teeth from dental caries, as the substance washes away sugar and food particles that regular drinks only serve to aggravate.

Most homeowners have the option of drinking the water that comes from their faucets. However, tap water quality tends to vary wildly, and not a lot of homeowners have the luxury of advanced filtration systems. Fortunately, a service for bottled water delivery in South Carolina such as American Pure Spring Water can provide locals with enough refreshing and purified drinks upon order.

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