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A news article from The News Journal details the drinking water issues faced by residents of Ellendale in Sussex County, Delaware and the actions of its residents pushing for much needed change in regulation:


“We are not going to sit down and relax and let this thing go away,” said Diaz J. Bonnville of the Ellendale Community Civic Improvement Association.


Ellendale has sewer service through Sussex County, but there is no government-run drinking water infrastructure in town. All homes rely on private wells. A referendum to build a public water system failed in 2009.


Since the 1990s, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has monitored groundwater underneath a property near Mount Zion AME Church that used to be a gas station and auto salvage yard. Water samples from the well that the church used until 2009 showed very high amounts of benzene, MTBE and naphthalene.”


The lack of a government intervention regarding the town’s limited access to clean drinking water supply only endangers the health and lives of the residents of Ellendale. With the threat of several contaminants in the groundwater, this should be enough to rouse legislators to resolve the town’s problem and call for an effective solution so people can have their clean drinking water supply.


Ensuring Clean Drinking Water through Trusted Bottled Water Delivery


It’s impossible for town residents to utilize polluted groundwater supply because consuming unsanitary water can only lead to serious health effects, like gastrointestinal problems, organ failures, and neurological disorders. It can also weaken people’s immune systems and leave them more vulnerable to a broader range of diseases. When hygienic tap water isn’t within reach for people, bottled water becomes the next thing that turns into the key for clean, drinking water.


Residents who live in places like Ellendale should consider getting their clean drinking water supply by means of a bottled water delivery from reputable water companies, like American Pure Spring Water. These companies have water experts who employ advanced water treatment methods that thoroughly purify water and get rid of unwanted particles. Aside from treating water carefully, they also test them for assured top quality water supply and set them in bottled waters to guarantee the freshest products available for thousands of families.


(Source: Ellendale leaders call for cleaner water, Delaware Online/ The News Journal, 19 May 2014)